Solidarity with the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America

Tepic Nayarit Mexico, June 2th 2013


United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America


Two years ago, our trade union in Nayarit, Mexico had a big journal trouble. We had to stay on strike for some days. It was a hard time. Fortunatelly, a lot of organizations supported us throught different ways.

The last day of our protest, your organization had a sort of conference in our city, We had a walkout to claim to the goberment a solution to our problem. We had a great surprise! You all were here beside with us. You were in adittion in the gangs where the strike were weak.

We have not forgotten this singular help. You assistance us throught companionship and some money donation. And we won’t forget this tut.

Your support was very important to our problem solution.

We knew you have a problem now. And as we were, the employer pretends to damage your unionist members. We are sure, unity, security, firmness and courage of all your partners will make to get the victory.

You are not alone, there are lots of people and organizations in helpping of you as you have been in hard moments with all of them. We are a very small trade union (120 members only) but it does not mean we are weak conscienced; we want to act in reciprocate of your assistance, and mainly bacause it is a just fight.  So, we want to know an e mail of your boss or government office for give them our protest of your trouble.

SITRAyD CONALEP NAYARIT have continued fightning with the example of all of you. On the way you have marked us. We have had great victories in favor of all our unionists. But we know employees in all the world stand face to face the boss attack, and it is time to respond with unity, organization, being sindicalists, being prepared, but being good workers.

Take a warm greeting and a big huge from SITRAyD and our best wish the success come very soon. We will continue very close of you throught you or wherever. Fortunatelly you have friends for all wide world and We are a bit part of them.



José Luis Flores Rosas



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  1. Robin Alexander dijo:

    Muchisimas gracias!!!

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